You've been told that there's nothing more magical than having a baby. You've seen plenty of images of happy moms doting on their new baby with apparent ease, so why is your experience not adding up?

On the outside, you look exactly like a mom, but on the inside you're plagued with feelings of fear, frustration, anxiety, guilt, and moments of total numbness.  If your experience is not matching up to what you see on Instagram, movies, or mommy and baby products, you may feel like you're a "bad" mom.  You may even experience moments of sheer terror, confusion, or outright guilt if you feel anything but joy and delight for your baby. 

My experience working with postpartum women is that they are deeply caring women who are also their own worst critics. Your mind and body just went through a massive change, and the last thing you need is another message about how you could "do better".  At True Self Online Therapy, my work is really centered on helping you "be easier" on yourself so that motherhood doesn't feel like a chore 24/7. 

I'd be delighted to offer you a free 20 minute consultation if you are concerned about pregnancy anxiety, perinatal mood issues, or postpartum depression and/or anxiety.  I can also tell you a little bit about me and how I work so you're fully informed.  You deserve this act of care for yourself. 


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